To maintain a simple interface and interaction between our various tools and services, we’ve introduced an mParticle project configuration file: mp.config.json. This belongs at the root of your app directory.


// mp.config.json
    "global": {
        "workspaceId": "XXXXX",
        "clientId": "XXXXXX",
        "clientSecret": "XXXXXXXXX"
    "planningConfig": {
        "baseDir": "folder/dataplan",
        "dataPlanFile": "data_plan.json",
        "versionNumber": 2

The configuration file has a universal global configuration, as well as project specific configurations, such as planningConfig.

Configuration Settings


This contains settings that would pertain to your account credentials and application.

  • workspaceId: The workspace identifier for your team’s workspace
  • clientId: A unique Client Identification string provided by your Customer Success Manager
  • clientSecret: A secret key provided by your Customer Success Manager


These are configurations pertaining to your project’s Data Master resources, such as data plans and versions. planningConfig is required if you use our data plan linting tools, which you can learn more about [here](URL TBD).

  • baseDir: A local directory within your project where Data Plans (and/or Data Plan Versions) are stored
  • dataPlanFile: Your current data plan file (must be used with versionNumber below)
  • dataPlanVersionFile: Your current data plan version (used in place of dataPlanFile and versionNumber)
  • dataPlanId: The ID of your current Data Plan
  • versionNumber: The Current Version Number for your Data Plan (must be used with dataPlanFile)

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