Class WebRuntimeEnvironment


public final class WebRuntimeEnvironment extends RuntimeEnvironment
Web Environment
  • Constructor Details

    • WebRuntimeEnvironment

      public WebRuntimeEnvironment()
  • Method Details

    • getBuildId

      public String getBuildId()
    • setBuildId

      public void setBuildId(String buildId)
    • getBrand

      public String getBrand()
    • setBrand

      public void setBrand(String brand)
    • getProduct

      public String getProduct()
    • setProduct

      public void setProduct(String product)
    • getName

      public String getName()
    • setName

      public void setName(String name)
    • getDeviceManufacturer

      public String getDeviceManufacturer()
    • setDeviceManufacturer

      public void setDeviceManufacturer(String deviceManufacturer)
    • getOsVersion

      public String getOsVersion()
    • setOsVersion

      public void setOsVersion(String osVersion)
    • getDeviceModel

      public String getDeviceModel()
    • setDeviceModel

      public void setDeviceModel(String deviceModel)
    • getScreenHeight

      public int getScreenHeight()
    • setScreenHeight

      public void setScreenHeight(int screenHeight)
    • getScreenWidth

      public int getScreenWidth()
    • setScreenWidth

      public void setScreenWidth(int screenWidth)
    • getScreenDpi

      public int getScreenDpi()
    • setScreenDpi

      public void setScreenDpi(int screenDpi)
    • getDeviceCountry

      public String getDeviceCountry()
    • setDeviceCountry

      public void setDeviceCountry(String deviceCountry)
    • getLocaleLanguage

      public String getLocaleLanguage()
    • setLocaleLanguage

      public void setLocaleLanguage(String localeLanguage)
    • getLocaleCountry

      public String getLocaleCountry()
    • setLocaleCountry

      public void setLocaleCountry(String localeCountry)
    • getNetworkCountry

      public String getNetworkCountry()
    • setNetworkCountry

      public void setNetworkCountry(String networkCountry)
    • getNetworkCarrier

      public String getNetworkCarrier()
    • setNetworkCarrier

      public void setNetworkCarrier(String networkCarrier)
    • getMobileNetworkCode

      public String getMobileNetworkCode()
    • setMobileNetworkCode

      public void setMobileNetworkCode(String mobileNetworkCode)
    • getMobileCountryCode

      public String getMobileCountryCode()
    • setMobileCountryCode

      public void setMobileCountryCode(String mobileCountryCode)
    • getUtcOffset

      public int getUtcOffset()
    • setUtcOffset

      public void setUtcOffset(int utcOffset)
    • getHttpHeaderUserAgent

      @Deprecated public String getHttpHeaderUserAgent()
      This method delegates to the getter of the userAgent field. Left in for backwards compatibility
      the user agent
    • setHttpHeaderUserAgent

      @Deprecated public void setHttpHeaderUserAgent(String httpHeaderUserAgent)
      This method delegates to the setter of the userAgent field. Left in for backwards compatibility
      httpHeaderUserAgent - the user agent to set
    • getPushToken

      public String getPushToken()
    • setPushToken

      public void setPushToken(String pushToken)
    • getIsTablet

      public Boolean getIsTablet()
    • setIsTablet

      public void setIsTablet(Boolean isTablet)
    • getRadioAccessTechnology

      public String getRadioAccessTechnology()
    • setRadioAccessTechnology

      public void setRadioAccessTechnology(String radioAccessTechnology)
    • getLimitAdTracking

      public String getLimitAdTracking()
    • setLimitAdTracking

      public void setLimitAdTracking(String limitAdTracking)
    • getIsDayLightSavingsTime

      public String getIsDayLightSavingsTime()
    • setIsDayLightSavingsTime

      public void setIsDayLightSavingsTime(String isDayLightSavingsTime)