Location Tracking

In many cases it’s important to log the location of a user and associate that location with other events. The mParticle SDK allows you to include detailed location information with all of your events.

There are two ways to approach location tracking:

  1. You can call the startLocationTracking method and let the mParticle SDK collect and update location information for you. Remember to call stopLocationTracking when you no longer need to track location
  2. Set the location property directly. In this case you are responsible for maintaining location updated and setting it to nil/null when no longer needed

The startTrackingLocation() initializes HTML 5 Location Tracking. The user will be prompted to allow access to location. The mParticle SDK will then start listening to the location events. Thereafter, the location will be appended to events are sent to the mParticle servers.

//start tracking location

//stop tracking location

// manually set coordinates that were retrieved from another source
mParticle.setPosition(40.71, 74.00);