Looker is a business intelligence software and big data analytics platform that helps you explore, analyze and share real-time business analytics easily. Looker gives you the ability to define complex segments from your data warehouse, and run calculations on your data. The Looker Feed allows you to import segments, calculations, and insights back into mParticle for activation.

Enable the Integrations

  1. Add the mParticle Action to your instance via the Looker Admin Panel. You will need to get your API Key and Token from the mParticle Looker Feed.
  2. Set the appropriate tags on Looker fields (in the modeling layer in LookML) to be able to send data over in the right format to mParticle. All data sent over must have at least one User Identifier Tag and can have additional attribute or event attribute tags listed below.
  3. Send event data (impressions and actions) or user data (gender, LTV, audience memberships aggregated at the user level)

    • User profiles - Create an Audience based on specific filter criteria. Ex: Users who have Abandoned Cart in the past 7 days
    • User profiles - Enrich profiles or create audiences in mParticle by sending Looker calculated user facts
    • Events - Send over raw events to forward downstream or to use in Audience creation in mParticle

Supported Identities

User Identities

mParticle Identity Looker Tag
Email mp_email
Customer ID mp_customer_id
Facebook mp_facebook
Google ID mp_google
Microsoft ID mp_microsoft
Twitter ID mp_twitter
Yahoo mp_yahoo
Other mp_other
Other 2 mp_other2
Other 3 mp_other3
Other 4 mp_other4

User Attributes

mParticle Field Looker Tag Description
User Attribute mp_user_attribute All looker fields with the following tag will get sent over as user attributes to mParticle with the following name: looker_<name_of_field>

Supported Events

Looker will send Custom Events to mParticle along with event attributes as described below.

mParticle Field Looker Tag Description
Event Name mp_event_name
Custom Event Type mp_custom_event_type
Event ID mp_event_id
Session ID mp_session_id
Session UUID mp_session_uuid
Device ID mp_device_info All Looker fields with the following tag will get sent over as devices to mParticle as follows: device_info.looker_<name_of_field>
Event Attributes mp_custom_attribute All Looker fields with the following tag will get sent over as devices to mParticle as follows: custom_attributes.looker_<name_of_field>

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