Migrate from Segment to mParticle

This guide is designed to help you migrate from Segment to mParticle. At a high level, both mParticle and Segment support:

  • User and event data ingestion via server-side API.
  • Client SDKs across all popular platforms (eg iOS, Android, Web, etc).

Additionally, the mParticle APIs and event models are similar to Segment’s with many overlapping concepts and expectations, making for a straightforward migration.


  1. Retrieve your API key for the platform that hosts your app.
  2. Be familiar with the app or service that will send data into mParticle (that you are currently sending to Segment).
  3. Have an mParticle account and be able to navigate to Setup > Inputs > Platform Configurations.
  4. Choose whether your mParticle implementation will be client-side or server-side:

When prerequisites are complete, follow the steps that correspond to your implementation type:

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