Migrate from Segment to Server-side mParticle

The mParticle server-side API supports two core endpoints:

  • https://s2s.mparticle.com/v2/events: This endpoint receives an array of events, attributes, and identities for a single user.
  • https://s2s.mparticle.com/v2/bulkevents: This endpoint receives an array of the same payload as above, so that you can transmit many users at one.

After completing the prerequisites, follow these steps to migrate your Segment implementation to mParticle:

Step 1. Retrieve your API key

Retrieve your API key for the platform where you app resides:

  1. In mParticle, navigate to Setup > Inputs > Platforms.
  2. Click the name of the platform to display an existing configuration. If the platform configuration hasn’t yet been created, click the plus sign for that platform, then click Issue Keys.
  3. Copy the key and secret that is displayed.

Step 2. Migrate your Segment implementation to the mParticle JSON format

Both Segment and mParticle support JSON-based server-side (S2S) APIs. Migrate your project from Segment to mParticle by changing endpoints, and by changing the authentication as shown in the following table.

Server-side Endpoints Separate identify, track, and page endpoints A single /events and /bulkevents endpoint which combines these concepts
Server-side Authentication Basic authentication with “write key” and no password Basic authentication with API key and secret as username and password

Server-Side SDK Support

If you prefer to use a library rather than a direct JSON implementation, mParticle has several open-source SDKs built for the server-side API:

Backfilling Data

If you would like to backfill your data into the mParticle Identity, Profile, and Audience systems, use the historical endpoint.

Additional resources

  • See the Segment-to-mParticle developer reference for code examples.
  • See the mParticle HTTP API documentation for a complete server-side implementation guide.
  • If you prefer more support, mParticle offers a Segment Migration Professional Services package to fasttrack your Segment migration to mParticle, gleaned from years of experience of doing this with other customers.

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