Class CCPAConsentStateNotification

    • Constructor Detail

      • CCPAConsentStateNotification

        public CCPAConsentStateNotification()
    • Method Detail

      • getPurpose

        public java.lang.String getPurpose()
        Retrieve the consent purpose. It will be set to the default for CCPA, unless it's explicitly overridden via the setter.
      • setPurpose

        public void setPurpose​(java.lang.String purpose)
        Optionally override the default consent purpose for CCPA.
        purpose -
      • getOldConsentState

        public CCPAConsent getOldConsentState()
      • setOldConsentState

        public void setOldConsentState​(CCPAConsent oldConsentState)
      • getNewConsentState

        public CCPAConsent getNewConsentState()
      • setNewConsentState

        public void setNewConsentState​(CCPAConsent newConsentState)