mParticle aims to allow our customers to access all of their data and send it to wherever they need it, so we need to integrate with many partners across the app ecosystem. To help new partners get up and running, we provide a simple toolset for partners to access the mParticle Firehose API, and to stream data to mParticle via our Events API.

Before you build an integration to mParticle, please register as a partner, so mParticle can ensure your query is correctly routed and that you have access to all the support tools available to the Partner Community.

Once an integration is complete, we will work together on a release plan which includes:

  1. High resolution partner logo with transparent background in SVG format to be displayed on the mParticle Integration page
  2. A page for your integration in our Directory and on mParticle’s documentation site, to help mutual customers set up your integration.

Integrations come in several categories:

  • Outbound Integrations allow mParticle to forward Audience and Event data to your platform.
  • Inbound Integrations allow mParticle to receive Event data from your platform.
  • Kit Integrations are a subset of outbound Integrations that allow forwarding directly from an app client to your server.

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