Custom Logger

mParticle’s web SDK has a public API that allows developers to send warnings, errors, and other information directly to your bug trackers of choice to accommodate your bug reporting workflow. This API helps in your debugging efforts when setting up mParticle’s SDK correctly.

When all logging is enabled using mParticle.config.logLevel = verbose, by default, the logger will log issues to the browser console using the following APIs:

  • console.error
  • console.warn

In order to customize where warnings, errors, and information are sent, set an object conforming to the following interface on mParticle.config.logger in your snippet before mParticle loads. Substitute BugReporter for the API that your bug tracker uses.

mParticle.config.logger = {
    error: function(errorMsg) {
        BugReporter.reportError(errorMsg); //substitute BugReporter for the API your bug tracker uses
    warn: function(warningMsg) {
    verbose: function(verboseMsg) {

When mParticle initializes using the above configuration, we will log errors, warnings, and internal information to your bug reporter rather than the console. The example below shows how mParticle.logEvent() is implemented incorrectly:

    mParticle.logEvent(); // this is an invalid API call since no event name is provided
    //"Event name must be a valid string value" is sent to BugReporter

You can add console.log/error/warn/info to your object to have information sent to both your bug tracker and the console.

We recommend just customizing logger.error and logger.warn APIs in production code, as there is a significant amount of internal mParticle info that logs via Additionally, this information is logged directly to the console if mParticle.config.logLevel = 'verbose'.

The following logLevels can be used:

logLevel Definition
verbose Communicates the internal state and processes of the SDK (includes info, warnings, and errors).
warning (default) Logs warning to developers of potentially unintended consequences of their use of the SDK (includes warnings and errors).
none Disables logging completely, including errors.



Note that errors will always be logged to the console in verbose and warning settings. Only if none is passed is nothing logged at all.

Although you can set the logLevel prior to mParticle initialization. The following API allows you to set the level you’d like after initialization:


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