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Web Media SDK


Type aliases


AdBreak: object

Represents a single Ad Break

Type declaration

  • duration: number

    Length of time of the complete ad break

  • id: string

    Unique ID for the Ad Break

  • title: string


AdContent: object

Represents a single Ad

Type declaration

  • Optional advertiser?: undefined | string

    Name of Advertisor

  • Optional campaign?: undefined | string

    Name of Ad Campaign

  • Optional creative?: undefined | string

    Name of the creative. i.e. name of ad video

  • duration: number

    Length of time of the complete ad

  • id: string

    Unique ID for the Ad

  • Optional placement?: undefined | number

    Name of placement. i.e. main-video-01 or featured-video-widget

  • Optional siteid?: undefined | string

    Identifier for the site the ad lives on

  • title: string


EventAPIObject: object

Server Representation of an Event

Type declaration

  • Optional EventAttributes?: undefined | object

    A nested object of custom event attributes

  • EventCategory: number

    Corresponds to [[EventType]] in Core SDK

  • EventDataType: number

    Corresponds to MessageType

  • EventName: string | number

    The name of the event or a valid MessageType


MediaAttributes: object

Valid attributes for Media Content

Type declaration


MediaContent: object

Represents a single track or piece of Content

Type declaration

  • contentId: string

    Unique ID for content

  • contentType: MediaContentType

    Content Type. i.e. video vs audio

  • duration: number

    Length of time for content

  • streamType: MediaStreamType

    Stream Type i.e. live vs on demaind

  • title: string

    Title of content


QoS: object

Represents current Quality of Service for a the media session

Type declaration

  • Optional bitRate?: undefined | number

    Current bit rate

  • Optional droppedFrames?: undefined | number

    Number of dropped frames

  • Optional fps?: undefined | number

    Current frames per second speed

  • Optional startupTime?: undefined | number

    Start up time of the player from init to first frame


Segment: object

Represents a chapter or segment of content

Type declaration

  • duration: number

    Length of time of the segment

  • index: number

    Position or sequence number (starting at 0) of the segment, i.e. chapter 2 of 5

  • title: string

    The title of the segment or chapter

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