Group Identities Guide

You can create and manage group identities from Data Master in the mParticle app.


  • For members to be added to a group, you first need to ingest user data that includes attributes you can later use as a group identifier. You can ingest user data using the mParticle SDKs, Warehouse Sync, or the inbound Events API.
  • Only user attributes that exist in your data catalog are available to assign as group attributes when creating a group definition.

Create a new group identity

  1. Navigate to Data Master > Group Identities.
  2. Click Create Group Identity.
  3. Use the dropdown menu to select the user attribute that will act as the source for your group identifier, and click Next.
  4. Enter a name for your group identity. This is how you will find your new group identity in other mParticle features, like the Audience builder.
  5. Enter a group identity description.
  6. Click Create Group Identity.

After creating your new group identity, you are taken to the Group Details page where you can begin adding group attributes.

Any users with the same value for the user attribute you selected as the group identifier are added to an instance of this group.

For any given group ID value, a group is only created if the group ID value is at least 5 characters long.

Add attributes to a user group

To add user attributes to your group:

  1. Click Select Attributes.
  2. Use the two dropdown menus to select the user attribute to add as a group attribute and its type, either Boolean_or or Latest.
  3. To add additional attributes, click Add Attribute. You can add up to 10 group attributes.
  4. Finally, click Save when you are done adding attributes.

After clicking Save, you are taken to the Group Identities landing page in Data Master > Group Identities. Any other user groups you add in the future are listed here.

Delete or modify a group identity

To modify a group or its attributes:

  1. Navigate to Data Master > Group Identities.
  2. Select the group you want to modify from the list of groups.
  3. Click Select Attributes and follow the steps described in Add attributes to a user group.

To delete a group identity:

  1. Navigate to Data Master > Group Identities.
  2. Click the details icon on the right side of the group identity’s row in the Group Identities page, and click “Delete”.

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