Manage Journeys

Create, modify, or delete journeys to manage your customer journey strategy.

Before you start

Prepare to create a journey:

  • Define what goals you wish to accomplish with the journey. For example, do you want to convert trial users to paid users, or encourage infrequent viewers to engage with their content? The goal you wish to accomplish will affect which inputs you select, and the criteria you’ll define for each audience.
  • Verify that you can create the number of activated audiences you plan to create in your journey. In mParticle, visit Audiences > Real-time to see how many activated audiences are available:

    real-time audience counter

Step 1. Create a journey

To create a journey:

  1. Log in to your mParticle workspace and go to Audiences > Journeys, and click New Journey.
  2. In the Create Journey configuration dialog, choose a name for your journey and select inputs from all the workspaces you wish to include.
  3. After selecting all the inputs in all the relevant workspaces, click Create.
  4. The Journey canvas displays your selected journey inputs.
  5. Click the plus sign to add a milestone, and then click Milestone. An empty milestone is created.
  6. Click the milestone to add a name, and define the criteria. You are now in the real-time audience builder, and can define criteria.
  7. Click Save. The canvas displays the milestone you just created and the audience for that milestone.

    journey with one milestone and one connection

    You can connect to an output now or wait until you’ve created all the milestones. See Configure connections for details.

  8. You can either define the next step in the existing path by clicking the plus sign, or split the path by clicking the split icon, and create one or more additional milestones:

    • Click the plus sign under the Journey Inputs you just created to continue the journey, and click Milestone. The following image shows a second milestone in the same path as the first one. journey with one milestone
    • Click the branch symbol above the milestone you just created to split the path into multiple journeys, and click Add path to create a new path and milestone, or Remaining Users split to create a milestone for all audience members who do not meet criteria for any other milestone at this level. The following image illustrates splitting the path with a remaining user milestone.
      Remaining user milestone
    • You can create an A/B test for a milestone’s audience by clicking the plus sign and selecting A/B Test (Random Split) To learn more, see Audience A/B testing from a journey.

    You can’t modify the criteria for a remaining user milestone.

Step 2. Configure connections

For each milestone:

In the audience for the milestone, click Connect Output to select an output for the audience you just created. For more information about output connections, see Connections. You can add one or more outputs to each audience. You can leave the audience inactive until you are ready to activate it, which starts sending audience members to the output.

journey with one milestone and one connection

To change a connection status after you have created a milestone, click the down-arrow across from the connection name, then click the status badge to open the Connection Settings dialog, and click the button to activate or deactivate a connection.

After a connection is activated, all parent audiences in the path are set to “Calculating.” Audience size estimates are updated to the actual audience size.

After you’ve added all the milestones and connected and activated all the outputs, you’ve fully defined the journey.

Deactivate an output

If you wish to stop sending audience updates to one of the connections in a journey, you must either deactivate or delete the connection for that audience.

To deactivate an output, click on the output name in the audience box, and then click the Active badge to display the Connections Settings dialog where you can set the output to Inactive.

Delete a journey

To delete a journey:

  1. Go to Audiences > Journeys and click a journey to open it.
  2. Click a milestone at the end of a path.
  3. Click Edit milestone.
  4. Click Delete.
  5. Delete all the milestones in the journey, then close the journey by clicking on the Journeys label at the top of the page.
  6. In the Journeys page, find the journey you wish to delete, and click in the Actions column for that journey, and select Delete.

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