Calculated Attributes Reference

Use the following tables and lists to help you define each calculated attribute.


The following table lists all supported calculations.

Group Calculation Type Format Example Trigger
Count Count Numeric 123 synchronous
Aggregation Sum Numeric 123.123 synchronous
Aggregation Minimum Numeric 123.123 synchronous
Aggregation Maximum Numeric 123.123 synchronous
Aggregation Average Numeric 123.123 asynchronous
Aggregation Most frequent Dynamic romance asynchronous
Aggregation Unique Values Count Numeric 34 asynchronous
Occurrence First value Dynamic comedy asynchronous (until observed)
Occurrence Last value Dynamic action synchronous
Occurrence First timestamp Timestamp 2020-01-01T22:14:47.1051728Z asynchronous (until observed)
Occurrence Last timestamp Timestamp 2020-01-10T22:14:47.1051728Z synchronous
List Unique List Comma separated list of dynamic values; maximum of 100. "Item 1","Item 2","Item 3" synchronous

Be aware of the following before creating your calculation attributes:

  • All timestamp values are in ISO 8601 format in the UTC timezone.
  • Several calculations produce results with types that depend on the type of the event attribute selected, for example First Value returns a string if the event attribute selected is a string.* Calculation speeds listed are after the values have been initialized.
  • Setting the date range to Within the Last causes all calculations to synchronous.

Calculation Date Range

The following date ranges in calculated attributes are supported:

  • Within the Last: limit calculations to the period of a specified number of days or weeks ago to now. For example, “most frequent product categories viewed over the last 30 days.”
  • Since: limit calculations to the period of a specified start date to now.

Type Conversions

Some calculated attributes, like sum, require numeric event attributes to function. If you select an attribute that is not detected as the correct type, the platform will warn you about using those fields in the calculated attribute definition. You can still use the calculated attribute despite the warning and it will attempt to convert the string values into numerics. For example, if you pass the attribute amount in as a numeric string like "34.32", a sum calculation will still work correctly: the string "34.32" will be converted to the decimal value 34.32.

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