mParticle Release Notes

Discover the recent improvements to mParticle products and services.

New and enhanced features

Changes to the mParticle platform, products, and services other than SDKs are listed by month.

December, 2023

  • You can create user groups to enrich your users’ profiles with new data and expand the reach of your marketing campaigns to include customers who might otherwise be omitted from your audiences. User Groups are currently a Beta release.
  • An improved Tiktok integration for audiences is available.
  • Bulk forwarding can be enabled for audience integrations in the Firehose Java SDK.
  • Approved sub-processor pages for CDP, Indicative, and Cortex were consolidated into one page.
  • Integration documentation for Google DV360 and Ad Manager is available.

November, 2023

  • Indicative provides user-level dashboard editing privileges. Learn more
  • The Platform API includes a field transformations endpoint in a Beta release. Use the Field Transformations API to create and manage one-to-one correlations, or mappings, between external data and event attributes in the mParticle JSON schema. Learn more
  • Version 1 of the Warehouse Sync API is no longer supported. Learn more about Version 2

October, 2023

  • Unlimited Lookback is Generally Available. Learn more
  • Indicative provides the ability to opt-in to failure alerts for data warehouse data loads. Learn more
  • Editing Privileges are available for Indicative dashboards. Learn more

September, 2023

  • Warehouse Sync has a new user interface. Learn more
  • Warehouse Sync supports resolving unidentified user data stored in Snowflake. Learn more
  • Partners can process data subject requests with the Firehose API. Learn more

Recent bug fixes

  • Enumerating a list of users via the User API is only allowed for Admin or Admin and Compliance roles.

SDK Release Notes

Each mParticle SDK publishes robust change logs for each release.

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