AdPredictive unlocks a smarter approach to marketing with a powerful and transparent customer intelligence platform. We put simple, proven tools + data in the hands of marketers so they can deliver effective, sustainable growth.

Enable the Integration

Add the AdPredictive feed integration from the mParticle Directory and copy the Server to Server Key and Server to Server Secret that are automatically generated when you set up the feed.

You will be able to create audiences in the AdPredictive platform and send them through to mParticle. Provide the key and secret to your AdPredictive representative and ask them to enable the mParticle feed for your account.

Input Data Details

User and Device Information

The AdPredictive feed will update mParticle’s user profiles with data about AdPrective’s audience memberships as mParticle user attributes.

User Attributes

User Attribute Description
adpredictive_audience _descriptions An array of descriptions of the users audience memberships
adpredictive_audience _ids An array of AdPredictive IDs for the users audience memberships

Device Identities

The AdPredictive feed forwards the following identity types to mParticle:

  • Google Advertising ID
  • Apple Advertising ID

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