Integration coming soon.

FullStory’s integration with mParticle makes it easy to connect customer data collected across all your digital properties to FullStory’s platform so that you can build better customer experiences across web and mobile apps.

mParticle’s Web SDK will automatically load the FullStory JavaScript API once you’ve configured it in your mParticle dashboard. For native mobile, you need to add the mParticle-FullStory Kit to your iOS or Android app. mParticle publishes the FullStory Kits as separate iOS and Android libraries which have transitive dependencies on the mParticle Core SDK as well as the FullStory SDK.

Across web and native mobile, mParticle SDKs will take care of forwarding the appropriate events and identity to FullStory in a user privacy centric way. And you can ensure that the same events you’re using to drive better customer experiences in FullStory are also seamlessly mapped across your entire stack of marketing, advertising, analytics and data science solutions.

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