Heap automates away the annoying parts of analytics so that companies can focus on making smarter business decisions. The company’s mission is to power business decisions with truth. It encourages companies to focus on discovering insights and taking action. With Heap, organizations can remove technical jams and obtain a single comprehensive view of the customer. mParticle provides a real-time server to server integration to Heap for Event and User attribute syncing.

Supported Features

  • User Analytics


You must have a Heap account and have access to the Heap app_id for that account. This can be accessed from your Heap account settings.

Server-to-Server Integration

mParticle send data to Heap via their Server-side APIs which supports a limited set of features. All app events, commerce events, and screen view events can be sent. Additionally, User attributes can be forwarded to Heap when enabled.

Data Processing Notes

  • 30 events per 30 seconds per identity per app_id to the regular event endpoint.
  • 30 requests per 30 seconds per identity per app_id to the User Attribute endpoint.
  • 1000 events per minute per identity per app_id and 15,000 events per minute per app_id to the bulk endpoint.
  • All event attribute names and values will be truncated to 1024 characters to respect Heap’s data limits.

Supported Platforms

  • Android
  • Data Feeds
  • iOS
  • tvOS
  • SmartTV
  • Web

Kit Integration - Web

A more complete set of Heap’s Web SDK functionality can be included by selecting to send event’s client side in the connection settings. The mParticle snippet will automatically load the kit. The kit can also be included via npm for self-hosted sites. This allows for anonymous browsing data to be sent to Heap without issue.

Supported Kit Functionality

Supported Device Identity Types

mParticle can forward the following Device ID types:

  • Android ID
  • Google Advertising ID (GAID)
  • Apple Advertising ID (IDFA)
  • Apple Vendor ID (IDFV)

Supported User Identity Types

mParticle can forward the following User ID types:

  • Customer ID
  • Email
  • mPID
  • Other
  • Other (2-10)

Supported Event Types

The following events are forwarded to Heap

  • Custom Events
  • Commerce Event
  • Screen View
  • Session Start/End

Event Data Mapping

Most events collected by mParticle can be forwarded to Heap at a 1:1 ratio, meaning that there will be one Heap event for each app event or screenview event with all associated data being added to the Heap event properties. Screenview events will have a screen_name attribute. Below you will find an outline of how the events are mapped into Heap. Note: commerce events are an exception to this.

mParticle Event or Attribute Name Heap Event or Attribute Analog Notes
event_name event
timestamp timestamp
event_attributes and user_attributes properties These are both free form key-value pairs. The distinctions between user attributes and event attributes is dictated by Heap’s endpoints. All custom attributes will be include.
session_id session_id The session id that the event is associated with

Custom Events

All mParticle custom events are sent to Heap following the general mapping outlined above. Additionally, custom event types will be populated into the Heap event as properties.event_type.

Screen View Events

Screen View Events will be mapped into Heap as Viewed: screen_name_here. All custom event attributes will be added to the properties on the Heap event.

Commerce Events

Commerce events are broken down into multiple events and sent to Heap, one main event and one line item event for each product or promotion asssociated with that main event. Each main and all sub events are sent to Heap’s bulk endpoint as a single request.

mParticle Event Name Heap Event Name Event Type Notes
Product Action Product Action Event Main Event Contains information about the mParticle event including the IDs of all products associated with the product action, the type of product action, and the event attributes.
Product Action Item Sub Event Contains information about the individual product including all product attributes.
Product Impression Impression Event Main Event Contains impression event details including all products IDs and event attributes.
Product Impression Item Sub Event Contains information about the individual product including all product attributes.
Promotion Event Promotion Event Main Event Contains promotion event details including the IDs of all associated promotions items and event attributes.
Promotion Event Item Sub Event Contains details on the indiviudal promotion items included in the parent event. Promtion custom attributes are also found here.

Configuration Settings

Setting Name Data Type Default Value Description
App ID string The environment ID corresponding to one of your Heap Account.
External ID enum MPID The mParticle User Identity Type to forward as the identifier for Heap ID resolution. Must be immutable. MPID and Customer ID currently supported.

Connection Settings

Setting Name Data Type Default Value Description
Forward User Attributes boolean False Controls if the integration sends User Attributes to Heap.
Forward Web Requests Server Side boolean True Controls if the web events will be sent client-side vs server-side

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