Reveal Mobile


Reveal Mobile helps mobile app publishers use location data, derived from both lat/long and Bluetooth beacons, to generate more advertising revenue and build better products.

Supported Features

  • Bluetooth Beacon Proximity Data and Latitude/Longitude Data to Support Geotargeting and Geofencing


In order to configure Reveal Mobile in the mParticle platform, you will need to perform the following setup steps:

  1. Include the Reveal Mobile Kit with the mParticle SDK in your app
  2. Setup an account with Reveal Mobile at in order to obtain your API Key which can be found in the Dashboard.

Reveal Mobile Kit Integration

mParticle’s Reveal Mobile integration requires that you add the Reveal Mobile kit to your iOS or Android app.

The mParticle SDK initializes and automatically maps mParticle method calls directly onto Reveal Mobile method calls. This approach means:

  • Every feature of the Reveal Mobile SDKs with a corresponding method in the mParticle SDK is supported, as if the app had integrated Reveal Mobile directly.
  • This is a kit-only integration that solely supports client-side data forwarding.

The source code for each kit is available if you would like to learn exactly how the method mapping occurs:

Add the Reveal Mobile Kit to your iOS or Android app. See the Cocoapods and Gradle examples below, and reference the Apple SDK and Android SDK GitHub pages to read more about kits.

//Sample Podfile
target '<Your Target>' do
    pod 'mParticle-RevealMobile', '~> 6'
//Sample build.gradle
dependencies {
    compile ('com.mparticle:android-revealmobile-kit:4.+')

Configuration Settings

Setting Name Data Type Default Value Description
API Key string Your app’s API key can be found in your Reveal Dashboard
SDK Endpoint string Your Reveal Account Manager can supply a custom SDK Endpoint.

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