Ticketure is an admission and membership management solution designed exclusively for museums, zoos, aquariums, attractions, tours – basically any general admission or timed entry event. Ticketure provides unique capabilities to provide your patrons with a frictionless mobile-first purchasing flow, provide your staff with complete mobilization of selling from anywhere with its intuitive Point of Sale, all while providing your leadership team with the reports, analysis, and visualizations they need to make informed decisions.

Enable the Integrations

  1. Set up a Ticketure feed in mParticle to generate API key/secret values.
  2. Provide your API key/secrt to your account team at Ticketure to have them activate ticket_audit and gateway_audit events via the Ticketure Push API.

Supported Identities

User Identities

  • Email Address
  • Mobile Number

Supported Event Types

Ticketure will send the following ticket_audit events to mParticle as Custom Events of type Transaction. Details on the events sent by Ticketure and the possible attributes within those events can be found below.

Event Description
Purchased The ticket is issued.
Redeemed The ticket is redeemed normally. Some tickets allow this more than once.
Force_redeemed The ticket is force redeemed (A redemption ignoring date and time checks).
Refunded The ticket is canceled with a refund - standard cancelation of either free or paid tickets.
Transfer_from The ticket is moved from a particular time.
Transfer_to The ticket is moved to a particular time (always paired with transfer_from).
Unredeemed The ticket is unredeemed reversing the prior redeem or force_redeem.
Invalidated The ticket is voided (canceled without a refund).
Revalidated The ticket is unvoided.
Custom Attribute Description
price_paid Checkout price
ticket_type Name as shown to customer/staff
cart_number For display/search in Ticketure
channel_id Channel that created the cart containing the ticket (typically pos, cms or web)
financial_adjusted_price Face price minus discounts
financial_adjustment_revenue Price paid excluding fees (discounted price - inside fees)
ticket_adjusted_value Discounted price
seller Seller/sub-tenant that issued the ticket
event_session_start Visit start time
event_session_end Visit end time
ticketure_event_category Tenant-specific categorization values
ticketure_event_name As shown to customer/staff (e.g. “Museum Entry”)
ticketure_occured_at when this action occurred (second accuracy only)
ticket_group As shown to customer/staff (e.g. “Individual”)
ticket_type As shown to customer/staff (e.g. “Adult”)
ticket_order_id Consistent ID for this order
ticket_order_number For display/search in Ticketure
ticketure_outside_fee_fixed Fixed fees added to the discounted_price. E.g. a service fee
ticketure_outside_fee_percent % added to the discounted_price. E.g. a tax
ticketure_inside_fee_fixed only present if not 0.00. A fee included in the ticket price
ticketure_inside_fee_percent only present if not 0.00. E.g tax included in the ticket price

Ticketure will send the following gateway_audit events to mParticle as Commerce Events with product_action of type Purchase or Refund. Details on the events sent by Ticketure and the possible attributes within those events can be found below. Note: $0 payments and failed payment attempts are not sent.

Event Description
Purchase A payment is successfully captured.
Refund A payment is successfully refunded.
Custom Attribute Description
cart_id Consistent ID for order
cart_number For display/search in Ticketure
gateway_id Payment method
gl_code gl_code of the payment method
gateway_payment_identifier Last 4 of credit card for gateway_id=stripe
gateway_payment_name Payment name (card name for gateway_id=stripe)
gateway_token Charge token for the payment method
gateway_related_token Identifier of the charge for refunds
total_amount Payment (or refund if negative) value

User Attributes

When available, Ticketure will include the user attributes found below with the event payload.

User Attribute

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