Voucherify is an API-first Promotions & Loyalty Engine. Use robust API to create, manage and control promo codes, promotions, gift cards, or loyalty and referral programs.


In order to setup the integration, contact your Voucherify account manager to receive the required credentials.

Supported Platforms

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Server to Server
  • Web

Supported Event Types

mParticle’s integration forwards the following event types to Hyperlocology:

  • App Event
  • Attribution
  • Privacy Setting Change
  • Push Subscription
  • User Attribute Change / Identity Change
  • Screen View
  • Session Start / End

Supported Identity Types

User IDs

  • mParticle ID (MPID)
  • Customer ID
  • Email Address
  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Microsoft
  • Twitter
  • Yahoo
  • Mobile Number
  • Phone Number 2
  • Phone Number 3
  • Other
  • Other 2-10

Device IDs

  • iOS Advertising ID (IDFA)
  • iOS Vendor ID (IDFV)
  • Apple Push Notification Token
  • Android ID
  • Google Advertising ID (GAID)
  • Google Cloud Messaging Token
  • Fire Advertising ID
  • Microsoft Advertising ID
  • Microsoft Publisher ID
  • Roku Advertising ID
  • Roku Publisher ID

Data Processing Notes

Voucherify will only accept realtime data (no historical data). Voucherify will receive user attributes with forwarded events.

Configuration Settings

Setting Name Data Type Default Value Description
Application ID string Application ID is used to connect to the Voucherify API.
Secret Key string Secret key is used to connect to the Voucherify API.
Server’s URL string Allow integration requests to a given domain.

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