Yotpo is an e-commerce marketing platform. Its single-platform approach integrates data-driven solutions for reviews, loyalty, sms marketing, and more, empowering brands to create smarter, higher-converting experiences that spark and sustain customer relationships.

Enable the Integration

  1. Set up a Yotpo feed in the mParticle UI to generate API key/secret values.
  2. Provide the key and secret to your technical account management team at mParticle to have the data feed configured and the endpoint built. Your account team will provide the feed endpoints for step 3.
  3. Activate the desired webhooks according to Yotpo’s documentation with the endopints provided in step 2. Reviews and Loyalty & Referral webhooks are currently supported.

Note: Reviews and Loyalty & Referral webhooks will have different endpoints in the feed configuration.

Supported Identities

User Identities

  • Email Address

Supported Functionality

Currently, a subset of Yotpo Webhhoks are supported, Reviews and Loyalty & Referral. The payload values currently set for ingestion by mParticle are listed below. The Important Attributes highlighted in the Yotpo docs have been adapted for import to mParticle.

Loyalty and Referral Webhooks

All Loyalty and Referral webhooks will be converted into mParticle Custom Events, type Other. The event name is set to the Yotpo payload name. Note, the Commerce Cloud Integration Disabled Webhook does not currently map into mParticle. The Important Attributes highlighted in the Yotpo Event docs have been adapted for ingestion into mParticle, with some exceptions noted. The events do not include any information pertaining to a secondary customer in the referral webhooks to keep customer information separated for data privacy compliance.

Event Custom Attributes

The following attributes will be added to the mParticle event when available in the Yotpo event payload. | Event Attribute | Description | |---|---| | redemption_reward_text | This is the coupon or discount code. | | redemption_option_name | This is the name of the coupon or discount. | | redemption_option_amount | The amount assosiated with the redemption option. | | redemption_option_id | The unique identifier of the redemption option that has hit the thresholds. | | perk_history_title | A short description of the action that lead them to earn these points. | | perk_reward_points | The number of points assoicated with the perk. | | points_previous_balance | The customer’s point balance before the change. | | points_current_balance | The customer’s point balance after the change. | | points_difference | How many points were added or removed from the customer’s point balance. | | points_added_or_removed | Indicates whether points were added or removed from the customer’s point balance. | | points_changed_reason | Describes why the point balance changed. | | vip_new_tier_name | The name of the tier the customer has achieved. | | vip_old_tier_name | The name of the tier the customer has just left. |

User Attributes

The following User Attributes will be updated on the mParticle customer profile with each webhook received from Yotpo. | User Attribute | Description | |---|---| | yotpo_loyalty_is_opt_in | Whether the customer is opted in to the loyalty program | | yotpo_loyalty_opt_in_date | Date when the customer was opted in to the loyalty program | | yotpo_has_store_account | Whether the customer has an account within the e-commerce platform | | yotpo_loyalty_points | The customers’ updated point balance | | yotpo_vip_tier | The customer’s current VIP tier |

Review Webhooks

Both types of Review Webhooks are configured to be sent to mParticle as Custom Events. All event information and order information has been added to the event attributes in mParticle. No user attributes are automatically collected or updated in mParticle by this webhook.

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