Step 1. Create an input

1. Generate your API key

Create a Custom Feed on the Setup page to generate server-to-server API credentials.

2. Install the Python SDK

Install the Python SDK via pip:

pip install git+

3. Call the Events API

Integrate mParticle in your Python application.

import mparticle
from mparticle import AppEvent, SessionStartEvent, SessionEndEvent, Batch

batch = Batch()
batch.environment = 'development'

app_event = AppEvent('Hello World', 'navigation') = [SessionStartEvent(), app_event, SessionEndEvent()]

configuration = mparticle.Configuration()
configuration.api_key = 'YOUR_API_KEY'
configuration.api_secret = 'YOUR_API_SECRET'

api_instance = mparticle.EventsApi(configuration)

4. Verify installation

Go to the Live Stream and watch new events come in as you run your script.

Next Steps 🎉

Congrats on sending your first event to mParticle!

Some ideas on what to do next:

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