Branch helps mobile apps grow with deep links that power referral systems, sharing links, invites and marketing links with full attribution and analytics.

Input Data Details

The following types of data can be configured to be sent from Branch to mParticle

  • Attribution

Branch attribution events are mapped as follows:

  • Event Type = Custom Event
  • Custom Event Type = attribution
  • Event Name = If this is an install attribution, the Event Name will be attribution. Other types of attribution events setup in Branch will be sent using Event Names of Purchase, Add to Cart, View Items, Product View, etc.

Branch Event Mapping

Branch attribution events are mapped as follows:

General Fields

mParticle Field Description
event_id Unique mParticle ID for the Event. Mapped to the Branch install event ID
timestamp_unix_ms Unix time in milliseconds
application_info mParticle Application info
device_info mParticle Device info, including IDFA, IDFV or Android Advertising ID where available.
ip IP Address of the device

Custom Attributes

Most attribution events will include the following custom event attributes:

  • campaign
  • publisher
  • ad_set_name
  • channel
  • clickid
  • feature
  • tags

Depending on your Branch setup, Branch may also send other custom attributes. These attributes may be prefixed with symbols.

  • ~ indicates an analytics tag
  • $ indicates a Branch configuration parameter
  • + indicates a parameter not instrumented by the user but added by Branch to enrich the event

User Identity Mapping

The Branch user_data_developer_identity can be sent to mPID, Customer ID, or any Other ID using the ID Mappings dropdown in Branch. Additionally, device identifiers associated with the act-as platform will also be provided by Branch.


In mParticle, configure the Branch Input. Create a separate feed configuration for each platform (iOS, Android), and copy the Server Key and Secret. Follow Branch’s instructions to use your Server Key and Secret to configure the postback in Branch.

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