Braze is a comprehensive customer engagement platform that powers relevant experiences between consumers and brands they love. Braze helps brands foster human connection through interactive conversations across channels.

The Braze Feed allows mParticle to receive Braze interaction data for the iOS, Android and Web platforms. It also supports an ‘unbound’ feed for events, such as emails, that are not connected to an app platform.

Enable the Braze Feed

  1. Locate Braze in the mParticle Directory and add the Feed integration.
  2. The Braze Feed Integration supports four separate feeds: iOS, Android, Web and Unbound. You will need to create an input for each feed. You can create additional inputs from Setup > Inputs, on the Feed Configurations tab.

    For each feed, select an ‘Act as Application’ platform. For iOS, Android and Web, just select the appropriate option from the list. For your Unbound feed, leave this setting at ‘Select Application’.


  3. As you create each input, mParticle will provide you with a Key and Secret. Copy these credentials, making sure to note which feed each pair of credentials is for. Provide the credentials to your Braze account manager and ask them to enable the mParticle feed.

Common Event Data

All events from the Braze Feed will include any available user/device identifiers. Platform feeds will include basic device information.

User Identifiers

  • Customer ID
  • Email
  • Apple Vendor ID (IDFV)

Device Info

  • Platform
  • Device Model


The Braze Feed sends events for tracking campaign performance. Included as custom attributes for each event are Braze’s IDs for the relevant Campaign, News Feed Card, Button, Canvas, etc. You can find the ID’s in the relevant sections of the Braze Dashboard under API Identifier. See Braze’s Identifier Types for more details.

You can also see a full list of your API Identifiers on Braze’s Developer Console.

A full list of events and their allowed attributes can be found in Braze’s Documentation. For events with campaign_id, canvas_id, canvas_step_id, and canvas_variation_id listed note that an individual event may have a campaign_id, the canvas_* attributes, or neither.

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