CustomerGlu is a suite of AI-powered tools that focus on enabling eCommerce businesses to save money while improving conversions with dynamic offers.

Enable the Integration

  1. Set up a CustomerGlu feed configuration in mParticle in order to generate API key/secret values.
  2. Provide your API credentials to your CustomerGlu account manager to connect your CustomerGlu account with your mParticle feed configuration.

Supported Event Types

CustomerGlu will send the following events to mParticle as Custom Events. Full details on the events sent by CustomerGlu and the possible attributes within those events can be found below.

Event Event Attributes
customerglu_product_discount prediction_id, type, campaign _id, client_id, product_id, product_name, product_sku, product_discount_type, product_discount, product_discount_min, product_discount_max, product_discount_step, rank

Event Attributes

Attribute Name Description
prediction_id Prediction Id
type Eg: product_discount_recommendation
campaign _id Campaign Id
client_id Client Identifier within CustomerGlu
product_id Product Id
product_name Product Name
product_sku Sku of the product
product_discount_type Product discount type. Supported values are “flat” or ”percentage”
product_discount Value of Product discount based on type
product_discount_min Min discount for product
product_discount_max Max discount for product
product_discount_step Step size for discount
rank Rank for the prediction

Supported Identities

User Identities

  • Customer ID
  • Email Address

Device Identities

  • Apple IDFA
  • Apple IDFV
  • Android Device ID
  • Google Advertising ID
  • Partner ID
  • Push Token

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