Foursquare is the leading independent location technology platform. Foursquare enriches your first party data with real-world visitation data to better understand and engage your customers.

The Foursquare feed integration works in conjunction with the Foursquare audience integration. To receive enrichment data from Foursquare, you must first connect an audience. Foursquare processes the audience and then will send visit data for those customers via the feed integration.

On a daily cadence, Foursquare generates all visits for the set of mParticle MAIDs provided via the audience integration and sends this visit data to mParticle via the feed integration.

Enable the Integration

  1. For each Foursquare input platform you connect (e.g. Android and iOS) you will create a feed configuration in mParticle to produce API key/secret values. One feed will set the “Act as Application” field to “iOS” and the other feed will be set to “Android.”
  2. Provide your API credentials to your Foursquare account manager to connect your Factual input data to your mParticle feed configuration(s).

Supported Event Types

Foursquare will send the following events to mParticle as Custom Events. Full details on the events sent by Foursquare and the possible attributes within those events can be found below.

Event Event Attributes
factual_visit factual_categories, factual_visit_country, factual_visit_locality, factual_visit_region, visit_duration, visit_name

Event Attributes

Full documentation on Foursquare’s category labels can be found here. A single visit can be included in up to 3 categories. The factual_categories will contain a de-duplicated comma separated set of categories.

Attribute Name Type Required Description
factual_categories String True Category labels that describe the Foursquare category branch
factual_visit_country String True ISO Alpha-2 Country Code
factual_visit_locality String True City, town or equivalent
factual_visit_region String True State, province, territory, or equivalent
visit_duration Integer False Dwell time expressed in milliseconds
visit_name String False Chain label

Supported Identities

Device Identities

  • Apple IDFA
  • Google Advertising ID

User Attributes

User Attribute Type Description
factual_segment_ids Array A list of segment IDs that apply to the user
factual_segment_labels Array A list of segment labels that apply to the user

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