Intercom is a centralized communication tool for a business to communicate with their customers individually and at-scale on websites, inside web and mobile apps, and by email. Intercom is redefining how businesses support their customers using powerful messaging and automation.

Enable the Integration

  1. Set up the Intercom feed in mParticle to generate API key/secret values.
  2. Create Intercom Access Token.
  3. Provide the mParticle key and secret and the Intercom access token to your technical account management team at mParticle to have the data feed configured and the endpoint built. Your account team will provide the feed endpoints for step 4.
  4. Enable Intercom Conversation Webhooks and add the endpoint shared by your account team under “Your request endpoint URL”.

Supported Functionality

The integration currently only supports Conversation Webhooks for the creation of suppression lists. It transforms the Intercom webhook to an mParticle Custom Event. The integration adds a User Attribute of intercom_conversation_open with a value of true or false. This attribute can be leveraged to build out an mParticle Audience for user suppression.

Supported Attributes

User Identities

  • Email Address
  • Mobile Number

Supported Event Types

Intercom will send the following conversation events to mParticle as Custom Events of type Other. Details on the events sent by Intercom and the suppoted attributes within those events can be found below.

Event Attributes

Event Attribute Description
title The title given to the conversation.
read Indicates whether a conversation has been read.
open Indicates whether a conversation is open (true) or closed (false).
state Can be set to “open”, “closed” or “snoozed”.
snoozed_until If set, this is the time in the future when this conversation will be marked as open. i.e. it will be in a snoozed state until this time.
priority If marked as priority, it will return priority or else not_priority.

User Attributes

  • intercom_conversation_open

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