Step 3. Verify output

There are three different lenses we like to apply when thinking about data quality.

1. Latency

How long does it take for a message to travel from source to destination? The Live Stream is a debugging tool that helps you view data as it is received.


2. Accuracy

Is mParticle receiving events that match your schema? Check the attributes and values of the events that you defined in your code against events in the Live Stream.


3. Completeness

Are we capturing all the data we expect to? Check that mParticle is receiving the complete data set.

Data Master: mParticle’s Data Catalogue

A basic way to validate completeness is to count the distinct events received and to compare those value with the number you expect. Head over to your workspace’s Data Master to see a summary of the events received, their event types and schemas.

User Activity View

As you send user data to mParticle, we automatically build user profiles that help you segment users and personalize their experience. User Activity View lets you view a given user’s profile and event history.


Next steps 👏

Well done! You’ve sent data and have validated that mParticle is receiving it.

Some suggestions on next steps:

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