Kochava provides a platform to help advertisers better manage user acquisition, optimization, and analysis.

Input Data Details

The following types of data can be configured to be sent from Kochava to mParticle

  • Attribution

Kochava attribution events are mapped as follows:

  • Event Type = Custom Event
  • Custom Event Type = attribution
  • Event Name = attribution


Configure the Kochava Input:

  1. Select Directory, and click the Kochava tile
  2. Click Add Kochava to Setup
  3. Select the Input Feed Integration Type and click Add to Setup
  4. Select the Kochava input configuration group to specify the configuration parameters:

    • Configuration Name
    • Act as Application
  5. Click Create
  6. Copy the Token

Follow these instructions to configure the postback in Kochava:

  1. Select App Tools > Partner Configuration
  2. Click Add a Configuration and select mParticle as the Network Partner
  3. Click Install > Postback Tools > Edit and specify the mParticle specific parameters:

    • Enter the mParticle Token, copied from above
    • For the Delivery Method, select All

Kochava Postback

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