Default IDSync Configuration

Unless stated otherwise by your account representative, your new mParticle account will be configured with the default IDSync settings, described below.

Identity scope

The default identity scope is set to workspace.

Recall that all data in mParticle is organized in three tiers: an organization can contain one or more accounts, and each account can contain one or more workspaces. Your identity scope determines if user data can be shared between different workspaces and accounts.

The workspace identity scope means that user profiles and known users are only required to be unique within the scope of a single workspace. This helps to prevent any unwanted data corruption that could result from using IDSync in multiple workspaces.

Identity strategy

The default identity strategy is set to profile conversion.

The profile conversion strategy is designed to help you build a complete record of a user’s journey through the entire signup funnel, from an initial page view or app load to the creation of an account.

This identity strategy also supports the use of aliasing.

On Anonymous Browsing
If match on device ID or cookie, use existing user. Else, create new user.

On New Known User
Convert anonymous user to known, persist previous event history.

On Login
Resolve existing known user. Business decision to explicitly copy event history from anonymous session to logged in user or not.

On Logout Create new user.

Identity hierarchy

The default identity hierarchy is:

Identity Login Unique Immutable
Customer ID Y Y Y
Apple IDFA
Apple IDFV
Google Advertising ID
Android Device ID
Device Application Stamp (mParticle cookie)


Configuring multiple login IDs can result in the creation of unwanted duplicate user profiles.

For example, if a user already has a profile using their email address as a login ID, but your app allows them to login using a different unique ID, then IDSync might create a new profile using the alternative unique ID. This would result in the user data for that customer becoming split between two profiles.

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