Using Likelihood Ranges in Campaigns

Selecting and leveraging a specific conversion likelihood range in a campaign involves two steps:

Determine the likelihood range that meets your campaign goals

Higher likelihood ranges will contain fewer total users with a greater likelihood of conversion, while lower likelihood ranges will contain more users with a lower likelihood of conversion. The range you choose to target in your campaign depends on your overarching objectives and budget considerations.

For example, if your primary aim is to maximize the efficiency and ROI of a campaign intending to drive a specific action like driving purchases or membership upgrades, it likely makes sense to target higher likelihood percentiles. If your objective is broader, like increasing brand awareness or driving general user acquisition, then targeting more users with a slightly lower conversion likelihood that still exceeds the average may be best for accomplishing your goals.

Specify your likelihood range within a Predictive Audience

Once you have determined which user likelihood range to use, you need to manually set it as a Predictive Attribute within a Predictive Audience. To do this:

  • Create or navigate to the Predictive Audience in which you want to apply your Predictive Attribute.
  • Add a new Audience criterion.
  • Select Users from the dropdown.
  • Open the Choose User Feature dropdown and select User Attributes.
  • Select your Predictive Attribute from the left-hand dropdown.
  • Use the comparison operators to target your desired likelihood range.
  • Select Activate to re-calculate your Audience with your Predictive Attribute.

For example, to target customers in your prediction’s Most Likely Users range, you would do the following:

Use Predictive Attribute in campaign

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