mParticle Users and Roles

Managing Users

Admin Users can manage the access of other users in their mParticle Account from the User Management tab of their User Settings page:

To add a new user, provide first and last name, an email address, and select the user’s permissions. See Roles for more on permisisons.


mParticle offers several User Roles with different levels of access to the mParticle Dashboard. You can check your Role from your User Settings page:


mParticle’s User Roles are:

  • User - Can view and make updates to all parts of the mParticle platform except for the User Activity view and managing other users.
  • Read Only - Has the same view access as ‘User’ level but cannot make any changes or additions.
  • Admin - Same access as ‘User’ level, plus the ability to add, remove and manage users and access the User Activity view.
  • Audiences Only - Can view and manage Audiences. Cannot view other areas of the mParticle platform. Note that this means Audiences Only users can connect audiences to existing Outputs, but cannot add and configure new Audience Outputs
  • Compliance - Can view the Privacy tab, and view and manage GDPR requests. Has Read Only access in other parts of the dashboard.
  • Admin & Compliance - All Admin permissions, plus can view and manage the Privacy tab, and view and manage GDPR requests.
  • Support Access - All Admin permissions except for user management capabilities. Can view the Privacy tab and view GDPR requests. This role should be used to delegate access to an mParticle support representative while troubleshooting a ticket. This role has access to end-user PII within the account.

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