Understanding the Screen View Event

Common scenarios:

  • What is ‘Screen View’ in Analytics and what mParticle event does it map to?
  • Where can I find my mParticle Screen View events in Analytics?

Analytics presents Screen View events a little differently than mParticle. You can consider an mParticle event with a ScreenView event type being translated into a Screen View event in Analytics.

In Analytics, all Screen Views event names are listed under the Screen View (event) > screen_name (event_property). To query for a specific Screen Views event in Analytics, you can select Screen View and add a groupby/filterwhere on the events’ screen_name event property.

You can refer to the example of what that might look like below (please note, the values will look different than what you see in your project).

Please read more on mParticle’s Analytics Data Mapping here in our docs.

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