Cross-tool Compatibility

Cross-Tool Compatibility allows you to either recreate your analysis from one tool in another tool within the Analytics suite or access a list of users and user properties from any analysis. You may drill down into a group of users identified in any data point from the Segmentation, Funnel, and Cohort analysis tools.

For example, PetBox is analyzing a purchase user journey. They have therefore created a funnel where the last step is Purchase Product. PetBox may require additional insights into the user properties of those who completed this step. PetBox then chooses the Purchase Product step and selects Explore Users in order to analyze the users that have done Purchase Product, as well as the User Properties associated with those users.

Cross Tool Compatibility 2

To return to the analysis, PetBox simply selects the link right above the query builder.

Learn more about cross-tool compatibility for each tool:

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