Explore Users from Segmentation

The Users tool may be accessed from within any other Analytics tool. The Users tool creates a full list of users who share a characteristic or behavior. With Users, you can explore more information about your customers to contextualize their activity; it represents the “who” behind your analysis results.

To access Users from Segmentation, select any data point or table cell within your results. Within the dropdown, select Explore Users. If your query contains a series, you may choose to view users from a single data point or from the entire series. From this Point creates a list of users from only one interval whereas From Entire Series creates a list of users from all of the intervals within the date range.

The Users function will display a list of users along with their user properties. The chart can be ordered by any property in ascending or descending order by clicking on the property name at the top of the list. For additional information about individual users, click on a row to open a detailed window, which includes their user profile and user activity timeline.

You can also use the Users interoperability from Segmentation to create a new User Segment, or you can save the lookup for later viewing. Both controls are located above the upper right corner of the chart.

Users analysis is not available for metric visualizations.

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