User Segment Activation

Some organizations must create a Server-to-Server API key and find the Workspace ID and then send both these values to Support to enable user segment activation. If you require manual setup, the Segment Activation section won’t be visible:

Follow these steps to obtain your Server-to-Server API key and find your Workspace ID:

  1. In mParticle select Setup in the left navigation, select Inputs, and then select Feeds.
  2. Select Add Feed Input > Search: Analytics

  3. Save the Configuration Name as User Segments Feed.
  4. Copy and paste the Server-to-Server Key.
Paste S2S key
  1. Go to Workspace Settings by clicking the cog icon in the bottom-left of the mParticle UI.

    Step 3

  2. Send both the Server-to-Server Key and the Workspace ID to mParticle Support.

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