Organize Dashboards

Save your queries to dashboards in order to categorize and display your analysis effectively. You may also choose between a variety of visualization options. This article will cover these different visualization options that are available for dashboards, as well as how to add queries to dashboards. For more information on how to manage your dashboards, see Dashboards: Getting Started.

When you save your queries to a dashboard, your analysis is placed wherever there is space on your dashboard. You’ll naturally want to reorganize your analyses so that they make sense within the context of your dashboard. To reorganize your dashboard, simply drag and drop the analyses in whichever order you desire.

Organize dash

In order to resize your analyses, simply click on the bottom right corner of a graphic, and drag to adjust height and width.

Resize widget

Widget Layout Flow

In your Dashboard Settings, you may also toggle your Layout Flow between Free Flow and Auto Flow.

  • If your dashboard is in Free Flow mode, then each analysis can be placed anywhere within the dashboard.
  • If your dashboard is in Auto Flow mode, then each analysis can only be placed where there is space within the dashboard.

Full-Screen Mode

Often, you’ll want to keep a dashboard open on a shared screen so that everyone is aware of KPIs in real time. To display a dashboard in full screen, navigate to the menu bar above your dashboard and click the “Full Screen” button.

Dash full screen

Your Dashboard analyses will update at regular intervals, as indicated by your Refresh Interval settings.

Print Mode formats the dashboard for viewing on a printed page, which is especially useful for dashboards that are printed on a regular basis, or for those that are to be rendered in a Report. To toggle your dashboard to print mode, click on the “Manage” dropdown in the top right, and select “Dashboard Settings”. From the sidebar, toggle the Dashboard Layout Mode from Screen to Print. Keep in mind that analyses formatted for print mode may automatically adjust to fit.

Dash print mode

Once your dashboard is in print mode, you may print your dashboard by clicking “Print” in the menu bar above your dashboard.


For more information on how to send scheduled reports, see our Reports article.

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