Export Data

Export any result in Analytics for further offline analysis. You may export the following:

  • Query results from Segmentation, Funnel, and Cohort
  • User lists from Users

Export Query Results

To download your results as a CSV file or PNG image file, simply choose the export icon located in the menu bar beneath the query builder, then select a file type. CSV exports are limited to the first 1,000 results. For detailed instructions on how to export results from each tool, see the following articles:

Export User Data

There are two ways to export user data from Analytics:

Export user data directly from the Users tool:

First, you must create a query in the Users tool. Once your query is ready for export, simply select the export icon located in the menu bar beneath the query builder, and choose Download CSV. A CSV file will be emailed to the email associated with your account. There is no limit to the number of users that can be exported.

Export Results from Users

Export Event Data and Users from Segmentation, Funnel, or Cohorts:

You can also download a user list from a Segmentation series or point, a specific step in your Funnel, or a Cohort cell. To download event data from a Segmentation query:

  1. Create a Segmentation Query
  2. Select a data point in the query
  3. Select Download Data and Events to CSV
  4. Select either In Entire Series or In this Point
  5. Click Proceed and you’ll be emailed a download link

By default, all properties are selected. The export limit is one million events. Read-only users do not have permission to run exports.

Export Segmentation Data

To download users:

  1. Run a query (Segmentation, Journeys, Funnel, Cohort)
  2. Select a data point in the visualization
  3. Select either Explore Users From Entire Series or From this Point
  4. You’ll get redirected to the Users tool, from which you can download users according to the instructions above

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