In Analytics, there are three types of events:

  • Standard Events include all user actions that are sent to Analytics. Standard Events may be used to create Joined and Custom Events.
  • Joined Events allow you to join two or more Standard Events to create a new Joined Event. They are created in the Events and Properties manager.
  • Custom Events may be used to save query rows that you create frequently. They are created in the query builder. To learn more, see “Save a Query Row as a Custom Event” in the Query Builder Overview.

Manage Events

To access events, open the Events and Properties data manager.

Hide/Unhide Events

Select the Archive icon to hide events. Once archived, events will not appear in any of the Analytics tools. They will also not appear in the user’s event history.

To unarchive an event, go to the filter in the upper right-hand corner of the data manager and choose the Archived Events icon. This will display events which have been archived. Click the three vertical dots on the right-hand side of the event’s column, then click Activate to unarchive the event.

Rename, Define, and Categorize Events

  • Under the Display Name column, you may rename an event or event property. Events or event properties without a label will default to their original name.
  • Under the Description column, you may add a description to an event. Definitions are useful for new users, and/or when your project contains similarly named events.
  • Under the Category column, you may create categories and assign events and event properties to them. Creating categories helps keep your data panel organized.

Joining Events

Events & Properties settings allow you to join multiple events into one event, a “joined event”. In a query, a joined event composed of Event A and Event B will represent a user who performed Event A or Event B.

To create a joined event:

  1. Select the checkbox next to Event Type on the left side of the screen for each event you would like to join together. (If you don’t see these boxes, you may need to request permissions from your project administrator).
  2. When the boxes for two or more events are selected, the Join Selected option will be available in the pop-up menu.
  3. Name the joined event and choose Save.

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