Properties Explorer

The Properties Explorer, available only while viewing Segmentation queries, is located to the right of the query builder, along with the Data Dictionary and Query Notes features. To view the Properties Explorer, select the icon highlighted below.

The Properties Explorer is a valuable tool for many reasons, among which are the ability to:

  • Understand the composition of users performing a certain event
  • Explore your data set for interesting property breakouts

To open the Properties Explorer, select the icon to the right of your query builder, which will pull up a menu along the right side of the screen.

The Properties Explorer will then guide you to select an event from your query visualization area in which to explore. Once you have selected an event, the Properties Explorer will display all properties associated with that event, along with its most common property values. You can also open the Properties Explorer by choosing a data point from your visualization area, and then selecting Explore Properties.

Note that the Properties Explorer is not available for queries with calculated query rows, Group By clauses, and histograms.

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