Step 3. Set up your output

mParticle supports integrations with over 250 different analytics and data warehousing tools. In this tutorial, we will learn how to forward data from The Higgs Shop via a webhook to is a simple service that generates temporary URLs for testing HTTP POST requests. Anytime it receives a request, will automatically display the request and payload. We will create a webhook in mParticle that automatically post event data collected from The Higgs Shop to a test URL on in real time.

3.1 Get your POST URL from

  1. Open a new browser window or tab and navigate to
  2. Copy the URL displayed under Your unique URL. It will begin with and it will end with a series of letters and numbers separated by dashes.

3.2 Set up the webhook output in mParticle

  1. Return to your mParticle dashboard.
  2. Click Directory in the left nav bar, then search for “webhook”. Hover your cursor over the webhooks tile and click Setup.

  1. In the modal that appears, check the box next to Event, and click Configure.

  1. Enter the following configuration settings before clicking Save & Open in Connections.
Setting Recommended Setting
Configuration name Enter a name for your configuration, such as “Higgs Shop Webhook”
Use the same settings for Development & Production Check
POST URL Paste the unique URL you copied from
Authorization header Can be left blank
Include MP DeviceId Can be left blank

Now that we’ve created a webhook output in mParticle using the POST URL provided by, we will create a connection between our input and output.

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