Sync and Activate Analytics User Segments in mParticle

If you have licenses for both mParticle Audiences and Analytics, you can forward the user segments created in Analytics to your CDP, keep them in sync, and activate them in 80+ downstream integrations to use in campaigns.

Creating an audience in mParticle from an Analytics user segment involves the following steps:  

  1. Create a user segment in Analytics, and connect the audience to an output in mParticle.
  2. Verify your audience in Analytics.


To create an mParticle audience and sync it with a user segment, you must first have access to mParticle Audiences and permission to create an audience. In the following cases, the Segment Activation option will be disabled in Analytics:  

  • Your organization is not currently an mParticle Audiences customer (You can request Early Access to this feature).
  • Your organization does not have Segment Activation configured with the mParticle CDP as an Analytics feed. (Use the instructions in Set Up User Segmentation Activation to configure it.)
  • You don’t have an mParticle CDP account. (Contact your admin to request access.)

If you have access to mParticle but don’t have permission to create an audience, the option to automatically create an audience will be disabled. In this case, contact your admin to request access.

Step 1. Create a user segment in Analytics

  1. Click on an individual step within any funnel you have created in Analytics (i.e. a single bar in a bar graph, an individual data point in a line graph, etc.).
  2. Select either Create User Segment or Sync User Segment from the context menu:

Create a user segment in Analytics

  1. Enter information to define your new user segment:
  2. To create the audience in mParticle, set Profile Sync to On:

Create a user segment in Analytics

  1. Select the mParticle workspace(s) in which you would like this segment to be available for activation. (Note: The checkbox below the workspace selector is automatically selected. If you unselect it, you will need to create the audience as described in the mParticle documentation.)
  2. Click Sync & Go to Connect Audience. (If you have pop-ups blocked, allow them for this page.)

Step 2. Activate your segment in mParticle

  1. Completing the previous step will bring you to Audiences > Real-time in mParticle, where the Connect tab will be displayed:

Activate your segment in mParticle

  1. Click a listed output, or click Connect Output to select an output and configuration.

Step 3. Verify your data flow

Use the method described in Verify Your Audience Connection to ensure that data is flowing as expected.

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