Journeys 2.0

Journeys 2.0 is a new way of creating and working with your customer segments that provides greater flexibility and control in how you target high-value users. By giving you the ability to create and easily visualize nested customer segments, Journeys 2.0 lets you easily hone in on the users that matter most to your business.

Opting in / out

To opt in to Journeys 2.0, navigate to either Audiences > Journeys or Audiences > Real-time, and hover over the text “LEGACY EXPERIENCE” next to the top breadcrumb navigation. Then, click “Try the New Experience” in the modal that appears upon hover:

Journeys 2.0 opt-in modal

Once opted in to Journeys 2.0, you can revert to the legacy Audiences experience at any time by hovering over “NEW AUDIENCES EXPERIENCES” in the top navigation and clicking “Revert to Legacy Experience”:

Journeys 2.0 opt-in modal

Journeys Landing Page

After opting in, the Audiences > Journeys section of the UI will display a table that includes every Audience and Journey you have created, sorted by Last Updated by default.

Journeys 2.0 opt-in modal

The Journeys 2.0 landing page represents two main types of customer segments:

Single-step Journeys
Rows with a Total Audiences value of 1 represent both single-step Journeys that you have created in the past, as well as legacy Real-time Audiences that have been migrated here as single-step Journeys.

Multi-step Journeys
Rows with a Total Audiences value greater than 1 are multi-step Journeys, which are represented in this view as nested Audiences. Click on the ”+” icon next to the name of a multi-step Journey to expand it to expose the individual milestones (or Audiences) the Journey contains. Clicking any of the nested Audiences will bring you to the Journeys canvas, where you can update this or any Audience contained within the Journey.

Audiences vs. Milestones

Functionally, a milestone and an audience are the same. Both represent a targeted segment of customers that you can forward to integration partners, run A/B splits on, and otherwise leverage in campaigns. Their only difference is how you create them in mParticle:

  • A milestone is an individual step within a journey that you have defined to capture a meaningful moment in the customer lifecycle (i.e. a free trial signup, an email interaction, or an ad click). Each milestone creates an audience of customers who fit the criteria you have set for it.
  • An audience is a customer segment that you have created using one of mParticle’s legacy audience features.

Update a Journey

To update a Journey (either single- or multi-step), expand it by clicking the ”+” icon to the left of its name, then click on one of the Journey steps nested beneath it. This will display the milestone editor within the Journey canvas, where you can update the inclusion criteria for this particular Audience:

Journeys 2.0 opt-in modal

Closing the milestone editor will display the full Journey canvas, which you can use to add additional Journeys features like new paths, additional milestones, and A/B tests.

Journeys 2.0 opt-in modal

Build a Nested Audience as a Journey

Let’s see how you can use the Journeys canvas and milestone editor to easily create nested audiences. Here is a nested audience created with the legacy Real-time Audience builder that we’ll use as an example:

Sample nested audience in Real-time Audience builder

This customer segment uses membership in three separate Audiences––App Downloaders, Recent Users (Last 30 Days), and Engaged with Ad––as its membership criteria (which is what makes it a “nested” audience). Now, let’s see how we can recrate this segment as a Journey.

At the Journeys landing page (Audiences > Journeys), click the New Journey button in the top right-hand corner of the screen. This will take you to the Journey canvas. Here, click the ”+” icon under the top (and only) node in your Journey to create a new milestone. For this milestone, set membership in the first audience from your nested audience (App Downloaders) as the sole includion criteria:

Sample nested audience in Real-time Audience builder

Now, create two more milestones for the remaining two audiences in the original nested audience:

Sample nested audience in Real-time Audience builder

This Journey is now effectively the same customer segment as the nested audience created with the legacy Real-time Audience builder, with the added advantage of being able to add A/B Tests, new paths, and partner integrations at each individual milestone (or nested audience).

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