Datadog is a cloud-based monitoring service for IT, operations, and development teams.

Supported Features

  • Crash Reports
  • Active Session Details
  • 3rd Party Network Performance Data
  • Device CPU, Memory, and Battery Utilization


In order to enable mParticle’s integration with Datadog, you will need an account at Datadog to get your API key for mParticle configuration. Your API key can be found by selecting Integrations -> APIs from the Datadog Dashboard.

Event Details

The following table describes the metrics forwarded to Datadog.

Metric name in Datadog Description Type Tags associated with the metric Number of Currently Active Sessions Counter App Name,
Device Country,
US State,
All session attributes
mparticle.crashes Number of Crashes Counter Method Name (parsed from stack trace),
App Version
mparticle.session.peak.cpu Session Peak CPU Gauge OS Version,
Device Model,
All session attributes Session Battery Delta Gauge OS Version,
Device Model,
All session attributes
mparticle.upload.latency Latency of a Network Event Gauge Upload Endpoint,
Device Country,
US State
  • Device Country is specified as country:value (i.e. country:usa)
  • US State is specified as state:value (i.e. state:ca)
  • Session attributes are specified in “attribute:value” format

Configuration Settings

Setting Name Data Type Default Value Description
API Key string The Datadog API keys are unique to your organization, required by the Datadog Agent to submit metrics and events to Datadog

Datadog mParticle Documentation

For more information about Datadog’s mParticle integration see here.

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