Nami ML helps you launch, grow and optimize your mobile app’s revenue using an in-app purchase and subscription model.

Enable the Integration

  1. Select the Nami ML integration from the directory and add the Feed integration. The Nami ML Feed supports “act as” functionality, which means it acts like an input from your iOS or Android app and is forwarded to partners as such. If you want to use the feed for both iOS and Android, you will need to create two configurations. When you select an ‘act as’ platform and name the configuration, you will receive an API key and secret. Save these for the next step.
  2. Provide these credentials to your Nami ML Account Rep and inform them of which platform (if any) the credentials are intended for.
  3. With your Nami ML Account Rep, determine which Nami ML identity type to map to mParticle’s Customer ID to ensure your Nami ML data is connected to the right user profiles. Nami ML will also send namiml_user_id as a Partner Identity.

Please see Nami ML’s Documentation for more details.

Supported Event Types

Full details on the events sent by Nami ML and the possible attributes within those events can be found below.

Nami ML will send the following events to mParticle as Custom Events of type transaction.

Event Event Attributes Description
cancelled namiml_event_category, namiml_event_subcategory1, event_platform The cancelled event is generated when the user takes an action that either cancels a subscription or shuts of an auto-renewing process for a subscription. A cancellation does not result in the revocation of an entitlement and loss of access to your app’s premium features, it just shuts off any future billing after the current bill term end. See the expired event for when an entitlement is no longer active.
expired namiml_event_category, namiml_event_subcategory1, event_platform The expired event occurs when a user’s access to an entitlement should be revoked. This may occur because they had previously cancelled, the subscription is not set up for auto-renewing payments, or the payment was never received due to a billing error.
in_grace_period namiml_event_category, namiml_event_subcategory1, event_platform The grace period event occurs when billing for a purchase product has failed and the store platform is still actively trying to recover the payment.
paused namiml_event_category, namiml_event_subcategory1, event_platform The paused event occurs when a user has decided to pause their subscription and it will automatically resume at a future date. Android only.
purchased namiml_event_category, namiml_event_subcategory1, event_platform The purchased event is generated when a purchase is made by a user that generates a new active entitlement. Purchase events are produced the first time a user purchases and also on any subsequent purchase where the entitlement has lapsed and is no longer active. A purchase made of a product sku that grants an entitlement that is already active will not generate a purchased event.
renewal_in_grace_period namiml_event_category, namiml_event_subcategory1, event_platform The renewal in grace period event occurs when the store platform was successful in recovering payment while a user was in grace period.
renewed namiml_event_category, namiml_event_subcategory1, event_platform The renewed event is produced each time a payment is processed on a subscription with an active entitlement after the initial purchase. If there was a gap where the entitlement was not active then a new purchase will produce a purchased event instead of a renewed event.
resumed namiml_event_category, namiml_event_subcategory1, event_platform The resumed event occurs when a subscription becomes active again after a pause. Android only.
trial_converted namiml_event_category, namiml_event_subcategory1, event_platform The trial_converted event occurs when a customer’s free trial ends and they are billed for a paying subscription for the first time. This will occur at the same time as a renewed event.
trial_did_not_convert namiml_event_category, namiml_event_subcategory1, event_platform The trial_did_not_convert event occurs when a customer ends their free trial and does not continue on to a paying subscription. This will occur at the same time as a an expired event.
trial_started namiml_event_category, namiml_event_subcategory1, event_platform The trial_started event occurs when a customer begins a free trial. This will occur at the same time as a purchased event.

Nami ML will send the following events to mParticle as Custom Events of type impression.

Event Event Attributes Description
impression namiml_event_category, app_env, app_platform_id, controller_name, cta_type, developer_paywall_id, initiator, id, name An impression event is generated each time a user was presented with a paywall.

Nami ML will send the following events to mParticle as Commerce Events.

Commerce Action Type Event Attributes Description
Product Action - purchase namiml_event_category, app_env, locale, impression_id, original_transaction_id, purchase_env, source, subscription_interval, subcription_interval_count A transaction event is the record produced in Nami ML when a user makes a purchase in an app.

Event Attributes

Attribute Name Description
app_env The app environment where the purchase made. This value is auto-detected and varies in capability per store environment. The default is production if any other value cannot be determined. Values include simulator_development, device_development, beta_testing, and production.
app_platform_id The app platform id from the Nami Control Center.
controller_name The name of the screen from which the paywall was raised, if it can be determined.
cta_type The type of call to action that was displayed, based on what you created in the Nami Control Center.
developer_paywall_id The developer paywall id created in the
event_platform The name of the platform that produced the event such as apple or google.
id The id of the impression. This can be used to link to a transaction to determine which paywall impression resulted in a purchase.
impression_id The id of the paywall impression from which the purchase was made, if it was made in the app. This can be used to link to the impression events.
initiator Value describes why the paywalll was shown to the user. Values: nami_ml when a machine learning model decided to show the user the paywall, nami_rules when the campaign rules engine displayed the paywall, user when the user requested to see the paywall, and unknown if it cannot be determined.
locale String that includes the language code, country code, and currency code for the device that made the purchase.
name The name of the paywall set in the Nami Control Center.
namiml_event_category Possible values are user or device.
namiml_event_subcategory1 Possible values are subscription.
original_transaction_id A unique id that groups multiple related purchases on a single platform if supported by the store.
purchase_env The purchase environment of the transaction. Possible values are production or sandbox.
source The source of the transaction provides context on where the user made their purchase. Values are external for purchases made outside the app, nami_triggered if the purchase was on a paywall auto-raised by Nami ML, user_initiated if it was on a paywall the user invoked themselves, or unknown if none of the previous options could be determined.
subcription_interval_count The number of subscription intervals included in the purchase if applicable. Example: a store platform where you can sell a 1 week subscription as seven 1-day intervals.
subscription_interval The length of the subscription. Possible values are day, week, month, quarter, halfyear, year

Supported Identities

User Identities

  • Customer ID
  • Partner ID (namiml_user_id)

User Attributes

User Attribute Type Description
namiml_active_entitlements Array Any entitlements that currently apply to the customer
namiml_active_skus Array A list of currently purchased product SKUs that correspond to the namiml_active_entitlements associated with the customer.
namiml_device_ids Array The device IDs associated with the customer
namiml_device_platforms Array The platforms of the devices associated with the customer
namiml_former_subscriber String Whether or not the customer is a former subscriber
namiml_in_grace_period String Whether or not the customer is currently in a grace period
namiml_in_trial_period String Whether or not the customer is currently in a trial period
namiml_in_intro_offer_period String Whether or not the customer is in an introductory offer period

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