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mParticle audiences are sent as attributes to Insider and will correspond to Insider’s attribute based segements.

Supported Identity Types

User IDs

mParticle forwards the following User IDs to Insider:

  • mParticle ID (MPID)
  • Customer ID
  • Email Address
  • Mobile Number
  • Phone Number 2
  • Phone Number 3
  • Other
  • Other(2-8)

Email and Phone identifiers are defaults for Insider profiles. If you’d like to capture any of the other identities mParticle will send, configure those identites in your Insider “Identity Resolution Management”

Forwarding Notes

mParticle audiences are sent to Insider profiles as string key and boolean value mappings. If a user is a member of an audience, this will be reflected in Insider as “Audience External Name - True”.

Enabling “Forward User Attributes” on its own will not forward any user attributes until they’re selected to forward in the connection settings.

By default, mParticle’s Insider audience forwarder sends audience membership changes in bulk intervals:

  • Every 5 minutes
  • Every 1000 audience membership changes

Configuration Settings

Setting Name Data Type Default Value Description
Partner Name string Get your Partner Name via Insider InOne Panel > Settings > InOne Settings > Account Settings.
API Key string Generate your API Key via Insider InOne Panel > Settings > InOne Settings > Integration Settings.
Forward User Attributes bool False Enabling will allow mParticle to send user attributes to Insider.

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