Adjust is a business intelligence platform for mobile app marketers, combining attribution for advertising sources with advanced analytics and store statistics.

Attribution Data

The purpose of the Adjust feed is to collect attribution events from Adjust. The feed uses mParticle’s unified custom event type for attribution events to capture an attribution postback from Adjust.

This event has an event type of Custom Event, a Custom Event Type of attribution and an Event Name of attribution.

Each attribution event from Adjust will contain the following, where available:

User and Device IDs

  • Apple Advertising ID
  • Apple Vendor ID
  • Android Advertising ID
  • Android ID
  • Customer ID — to send customer ID you must configure a customer_id callback parameter in Adjust. See below for more

Custom Attributes

  • publisher - this will be the Network in Adjust.
  • campaign - this will be the Campaign Name in Adjust.

Sample JSON

  "device_info": {
    "ios_advertising_id": "613ff528-afd1-4c1b-9628-e6ed25ece9c0"
  "user_identities": {
    "customerId": "jim_keranga"
  "events": [
      "data": {
        "timestamp_unixtime_ms": 1516298443,
        "custom_attributes": {
          "Publisher": "Truth and Soul, Inc",
          "Campaign": "Ethereal Cereal"
        "custom_event_type": "attribution",
        "event_name": "attribution"
      "event_type": "custom_event"

Enable the Feed

mParticle Configuration

  1. Select Directory, and click the Adjust tile.
  2. Click Add Adjust to Setup.
  3. Select the Input Feed Integration Type and click Add to Setup.
  4. Select the Adjust input configuration group to specify the configuration parameters:
  • Configuration Name
  • Act as Application
  1. Click Create.
  2. Copy the Token.

Adjust Configuration

Follow these instructions to configure the postback in Adjust and entering the token copied above.

If you’d like to forward customer IDs as part of the attribution data, you will need to setup Partner Parameters. You can get details on the Adjust configuration for partner parameters in iOS and Android.

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