Mailchimp provides an email marketing platform. Features include campaign design, tracking, segmentation and list management.


In order to configure the mParticle Webhook for Mailchimp, Manager user level or higher is required.

Input Data Details

The following types of data can be configured to be sent from Mailchimp to mParticle:

  • Subscribes
  • Unsubscribes
  • Profile Updates
  • Cleaned Emails
  • Email Address Changes
  • Campaigns Sending Status

Mailchimp Event Mapping

Mailchimp events are mapped as follows:

Mailchimp Field mParticle Mapping
type Event Type = Custom Event, Custom Event Type = Other, Event Name = type, where type is subscribe, unsubscribe, profile, cleaned or campaign.
Event Type = User Identity Change Event, when type is upemail
data[email] Email User Identity
data[old_email] Email User Identity, used when the type is upemail
data[new_email] Email User Identity, used when the type is upemail
data[ip_opt] Client IP Address
data[merges][fname] Reserved User Attribute First Name
data[merges][lname] Reserved User Attribute Last Name
fired_at Timestamp


Configure the Mailchimp Input:

  1. Select Directory, and click the Mailchimp tile
  2. Click Add Mailchimp to Setup
  3. Select the Input Feed Integration Type and click Add to Setup
  4. Select the Mailchimp input configuration group to specify the configuration parameters:
  • Configuration Name
  • Environment
  1. Click Create
  2. Copy the Webhook URL.
  3. Follow these instructions to configure the Webhook in Mailchimp

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