This section describes the configuration settings necessary to activate mParticle’s event tracking integration with Facebook. The event tracking integration enables conversion tracking for Facebook advertising campaigns.

Supported Features

  • Event Forwarding

Data Processing Notes

Facebook has limits around the number of unique event names and attributes their platform can process as noted here: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/reference/android/current/class/AppEventsLogger/

  • 1000 unique event names
  • 25 attributes per event
  • Between 2 and 40 characters in an event name and attribute
  • It may takes up to 24 hours to see refreshed stats in Facebook Analytics


In order to enable mParticle’s Facebook event integration, you’ll need the following parameters for setup available on your Facebook Ads dashboard:

  • For iOS/tvOS and Android platforms, you’ll need your app’s Facebook Application ID and Application Secret
  • For the Web platform, you’ll need your Facebook Pixel ID

Event Data Mapping

  • The iOS/tvOS and Android integrations forward App, App State Transition, Commerce, Screen View and Session Start events.
  • The Web integration forwards App, Commerce, and Screen View events.

mParticle’s Facebook integration supports custom mappings which allows you to map your events and attributes for Facebook. mParticle provides mappings for the following Facebook event types:

  • Achieved Level
  • Ad Click
  • Ad Impression
  • Added Payment Info
  • Added to Cart
  • Added to Wishlist
  • Completed Registration
  • Completed Tutorial
  • Initiated Checkout
  • Purchased
  • Rated
  • Searched
  • Spent Credits
  • Start Trial
  • Subscribe
  • Unlocked Achievement
  • Viewed Content

Product Events

mParticle forwards the mParticle product events Added to Cart and Added to Wishlist to Facebook using Facebook’s corresponding pre-defined event names. mParticle Product Views are forwarded to Facebook as the pre-defined event “Viewed Content”. The unit price, currency, product category, and SKU are passed to Facebook as well. See below for a sample Added to Cart event call using the Facebook SDK, and an equivalent call using the mParticle SDK.

//Facebook SDK call
[FBAppEvents logEvent:FBAppEventNameAddedToCart
           parameters:@{ FBAppEventParameterNameCurrency    : @"USD",
                         FBAppEventParameterNameContentType : @"shoes",
                         FBAppEventParameterNameContentID   : @"HDFU-8452" } ];

//Equivalent mParticle SDK call
MPProduct *product = [[MPProduct alloc] initWithName:@"A Shoe"
product.unitPrice = 54.23;
product.sku = @"HDFU-8452";

[[MParticle sharedInstance] logProductEvent:MPProductEventAddedToCart product:product];
//Facebook SDK call
Bundle parameters = new Bundle();
parameters.putString(AppEventsConstants.EVENT_PARAM_CURRENCY, "USD");
parameters.putString(AppEventsConstants.EVENT_PARAM_CONTENT_TYPE, "shoes");
parameters.putString(AppEventsConstants.EVENT_PARAM_CONTENT_ID, "HDFU-8452");


//Equivalent mParticle SDK call
MPProduct product = new MPProduct.Builder("A Shoe", "HDFU-8452")
mp.logProductEvent(MPProduct.Event.ADD_TO_CART, product);

Purchase Events

Purchase events logged through mParticle’s eCommerce SDK methods will be forwarded to Facebook using Facebook’s “Purchased” pre-defined event name.

Custom Events

All custom app events, which are logged via mParticle’s logEvent SDK method, will be forwarded to Facebook as custom app events, using the event name passed to mParticle’s logEvent SDK method.

//Facebook SDK call
[FBAppEvents logEvent:@"battledAnOrc"];

//Equivalent mParticle SDK call
[[MParticle sharedInstance] logEvent:@"battledAnOrc"];
//Facebook SDK call

//Equivalent mParticle SDK call

Screen Views

Screen views are forwarded as follows based on platform:

  • iOS/tvOS and Android platforms - mParticle will forward screen views as a ‘Viewed Content’ event, with the screen name mapped to the ‘Content ID’ attribute.
  • Web platform - mParticle will forward screen views as a ‘PageView’ event.

Connection Settings

Setting Name Data Type Default Value Platform Description
Facebook Application ID string iOS, Android, tvOS The App ID found on your Facebook application’s dashboard
Facebook Application Secret string iOS, Android, tvOS The App Secret found on your Facebook application’s dashboard
Pixel ID string Web Facebook Pixel ID
Send Activate On string ast iOS, Android, tvOS Specifies whether to send Facebook activate and deactivate messages based on mParticle application state transition messages or session start messages
Limit Event and Data Usage bool False iOS, Android, tvOS Sets whether data sent to Facebook should be restricted from being used for purposes other than analytics and conversions, such as targeting ads

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