Flurry provides analytics and advertising solutions. Their analytics services include demographic, traffic source, and event reporting.

Supported Features

  • Analytics

Data Processing Notes

Flurry has limits around the number of unique event names and attributes their platform can process as noted here:

  • 300 event names
  • 10 attributes per event


In order to activate mParticle’s integration with Flurry, you will need the Flurry Project API Key for each app that you’d like to setup.

Event Data Mapping

All purchase events logged via mParticle’s eCommerce SDK methods will be forwarded to Flurry as though they were logged using Flurry’s logEvent or logEventWithParameters SDK methods.

Page Views

All calls to mParticle’s logScreen SDK method will be forwarded to Flurry as Page Views - equivalent to a call to Flurry’s logPageView SDK method. The page name will match the screen name passed to the logScreen method.

All Screen Views that are automatically tracked by mParticle’s Android SDK will also be forwarded to Flurry as Page Views.

Timed Events

mParticle will forward all app events with an eventValue attribute as Timed Events to Flurry. You will need to manually manage the timing of the events that you’d like to measure.

User Identity Mapping

By default, mParticle will forward the appropriate Device ID (IDFA on iOS and Android ID on Android) to Flurry as the User ID. Alternatively, if “Use CustomerId” is enabled, mParticle will use MPUserIdentityCustomerId (or its hash if “Hash CustomerId” is enabled) when available and the hash of device id otherwise.

User Attribute Mapping

If “Include user attributes” is enabled, mParticle will forward users’ $Age and $Gender attributes to Flurry, to enable demographic reporting.

Location Reporting

If mParticle’s location tracking SDK functionality is enabled in your app, mParticle will forward location information to Flurry. The forwarded location data will correspond to the user’s location at the time that his/her app session ended (mParticle forwards event data to Flurry in batches that correspond to full user sessions).

Configuration Settings

Setting Name Data Type Default Value Description
API Key string Your app’s Flurry Project API Key.

Connection Settings

Setting Name Data Type Default Value Platform Description
Hash Customer ID bool True All If enabled, mParticle will hash your users’ Customer ID values before forwarding them to Flurry. You should enable this if your Customer ID values contain PII (personally identifying information). Please note that if filtering is configured to exclude forwarding the Customer ID, this configuration parameter has no effect.
Track Geographic Location bool True All If enabled, Flurry will track where your app is being used and report this back to you at the city level. Otherwise, Flurry will use the IP address of the user’s device and report this information at the country level.
Capture Exceptions bool False All Used to allow the Flurry SDK to report uncaught exceptions

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